Case Study 2: Ronald McDonald House Charities

24 Jun

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) is an organization that allows families with a lower-income to house their sick or injured children for little or no cost.  Typically, children stay in one of these houses while their parents are traveling.  There are 304 charity houses worldwide, as well as 168 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms, which are rooms in which parents can watch over their children in need.  Also, there are 43 Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles, who are people who provide global pediatric care to these children.  RMHC helps serve 4.5 children and families every year.

Last year, RMHC launched a “Day of Change” campaign, held on September 9, 2010.  The goal of the campaign was to “spread the word virally” about their donation boxes.  Every donation went toward helping a family in need at one of their care centers.

Lauren Fischer, a social media expert, RMHC created a Facebook event page, in which people were told to sign up in order to attend this event.  In total, 5,500 people registered for the event.  Fischer also attempted to reach out to parent bloggers to share their stories or gain volunteers and corporate donors.  She did this by creating story-based content to engage the bloggers, as well as the Facebook and Twitter communities.  More than 30 bloggers wrote about the campaign and exchanged stories; and over 100 RMHC chapters utilized social media to their advantage.

Overall, the social media for this campaign was “overwhelmingly positive and inspirational” because it “encourage[d] fans to post their own stories more freely.”  Additionally, this campaign was highly successful because it generated 180,000 Facebook interactions in 28 days and had a total of $25 million in donations.  Furthermore, through Facebook, this organization increased its online revenue last August by 130% from the previous year; and their E-newsletter subscriptions grew 748% throughout the campaign.

Even though this campaign was highly successful, I would add more social media venues, like Delicious or Foursquare to spread awareness.  Also, I might create a Flickr account for RMHC to show what the organization is about and what it does, which would be linked through other social media sites.

The full article can be found here.

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